About This Site

Not exactly overlanding, not exactly off-roading
This site is a never-ending long-term project. My goal is to create a resource for softroaders who, like me, enjoy exploring little-used roads and tackling minor offroad challenges, without necessarily getting into extensive overlanding expeditions or investing in a heavy-duty off-road vehicle. My own quest for excursions and accessible public roads and lands has led me to an assortment of websites about overlanding, off-roading/ATV, and hiking, as well as various map resources, but nothing dedicated to the modest softroader interested in day trips or overnighters in their daily driver.

The site focuses on my Oregon excursions, as that's where I live. I occasionally venture into northern California, and as time goes on I hope to more thoroughly explore many other western states and share those excursions with you.

You can find these places
Exploring the backcountry is most rewarding when you do your  own research, lay out your own plans, and make your own discoveries. The excursions documented here can help you decide which areas you may wish to explore yourself, but in the interest of keeping the wilderness wild, you won't find specific road numbers, geo tags, or other precise information in most of my videos.  For me, part of the enjoyment of the softroading experience is finding my own way and never knowing quite what may lie around the next bend. Hopefully the information here can help you identify areas of accessible land and to determine which areas seem worth exploring to you. These are public lands. Nothing's stopping you from getting out there and exploring them.

Be Careful!
The purpose of this site is to provide you with ideas and inspiration for softroading excursions. These are all places I've managed to get to in my Subaru Forester. It's up to you to make your own determination based on your vehicle's capabilities, and your willingness to risk damage or getting stuck.

Use the information here at your own risk. There are serious dangers associated with softroading excursions. Please always research your excursion before setting off, and be sure you're equipped with adequate navigation tools. You generally cannot rely on Google to navigate, as you probably will not have cell coverage in most of these areas. I use dedicated Garmin GPS as well as an offline navigation app on my phone which does not require internet access for mapping, but I also always travel with paper maps and a compass as well.

Traveling with at least one other companion vehicle is always the wisest approach. Make sure you're fully equipped with recovery gear , food, and water in case you get stuck. Inform someone back home of your plans and where you expect to be exploring.

Overview of Federal Lands in Oregon

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
National Forests
National Parks
Fish & Wildlife
Bureau of Reclamation
Department of Defense
​Tribal Lands

NOTE: This map is intended as a general overview, to give you an idea of the extent of Oregon's public lands and roughly where they are. Please always inform yourself fully before venturing onto public lands. Not all public lands are accessible, or may have seasonal closures. There is frequently private land interspersed, and it's not unusual for BLM and Forest Service roads to cut through private land. These roads may also be gated at times. Research your excursion carefully and inform yourself at local bureaus.