Alvord Desert / Steens Mountain

NO FIRSTHAND REPORT. Map pin is approximate. Research the specifics of your excursion before setting out.

The southeastern corner of Oregon is a long ways away from everything and pretty much epitomizes the saying "out in the middle of nowhere" but offers some truly remarkable areas to explore. From the (mostly) dry lakebed of the Alvord Desert to the stunningly deep craggy gorges of Steens Mountain, and extensive panoramic vistas in all directions, this area appears to be nothing less than epic.

This is a trip that requires careful planning, preparation, and self-sufficiency, as there are virtually no towns or services. It appears to be well worth the effort. If you watch the video (below) by Kevin Meyers , it'll no longer be a question of "if" but "when."

I haven't been to this corner of the state yet but am hoping to make the trek and create a full write-up at some point in the coming months of 2018.